Amanda Doak

Susan Ravenhill

Mat Eveleth

The North American Pudelpointer Society is proud to have among it’s members some of the best breeders in North America.  To highlight those breeders and their accomplishments we’ve created the NAPS Breeders’ Program.  The goals of this program are to connect prospective puppy buyers with breeders who meet and follow North American Pudelpointer Society (NAPS) breed standard and breeding requirements and to help breeders develop and maintain professional, quality breeding plans through education and communication.  The breed standard and requirements have been developed and voted upon by the NAPS Board of Directors and its membership.  By directing Pudelpointer puppy buyers to responsible, breeders, NAPS is helping to improve and protect the Pudelpointer in North America.  By aiding breeders in the development of their breeding plans, NAPS is helping to maintain the performance, temperament, and health, of this superior versatile breed.

In order to be listed on this page you must be a member of NAPS in good standing, submit an application and pay an annual fee.

The Breeder Program is run by a volunteer committee of three NAPS members, in good standing, who have been appointed by a majority vote of the NAPS Board of Directors.  The committee consists of at least one breeder and at least one non-breeder.  This committee shall not act as breed wardens and will not evaluate every breeding by breeders on the list.  Nor does the committee have the authority to approve or disapprove specific breeders, instead they will make suggestions to the NAPS Board of Directors on these matters.  The committee’s sole role is to evaluate that a breeder’s breeding stock meets the NAPS breeding requirements and breed standards.


Benefits of being a NAPS Affiliated Breeder

  • Approved breeders will be added to a public list of breeders and stud owners available on our website.
  • Breeders will be allowed to advertise on our website, in our quarterly newsletter and via our social media platforms, if desired.
  • Breeders will have access to our library of breeding related documents such as puppy purchase contracts, applications, stud agreements, whelping toolkit lists, and other helpful and educational documents.
  • NAPS hosts breeder only round table discussions, held on the 3rd Wednesday of odd numbered months, for breeders to get together and discuss various topics.
  • A mentorship program is available to those who would like to participate.
  • Breedmate reports are available to NAPS breeders upon request to help them determine the best pairings for their kennel.
  •  Other benefits include:
    • Connecting with likeminded people at in person training and social events held throughout North America
    • Improve upon the Breed Requirements by presenting a motion to the BOD and membership that can be put to a vote at the NAPS annual meeting (this is an opportunity available to all members).
    • The opportunity to have the annual breeders program fee waived by providing puppy buyers with complimentary one year NAPS memberships.


While NAPS has determined that these breeders and their dogs meet the requirements listed, we are not responsible for the individual practices of any breeder listed on this page.  If a breeder is found to be in violation of the Code of Ethics, they will be removed from the list for a period of at least 1 year.  NAPS shall not be held liable for the actions of the breeders listed on this page.

Breeders listed on this page have been determined to meet the requirements to be listed, but we still encourage all puppy buyers to read and follow the guidelines listed in our Puppy Buyers Guide.


If you have any questions, please email

Adeline Gun Dogs
Owner Name
Brayton Edlin
Paris, TN
Kennel Name
Kennel Description

Adeline Gun Dogs was created in 2022 and is planning to have its first litter later this year. My goal is to produce quality hunting dogs that double as great family companions.

Foothills Ada Reece | PP-005580 | NA 108 II

Phone Number
(731) 336-8198
Bent Tree Pudelpointers
Owner Name
Stephen Mills
Lake Wales, FL
Phone Number
(904) 412-8065
Blackhawks Grizzly – Offered for Stud – UT 202 I
Owner Name
Mat Eveleth
Davenport, IA
Kennel Description

Blackhawks Grizzly (PP-005791) is a result of a breeding between I-80’s Deuces Wild and our female Paladins Allison Rox.  Knowing how his mother “Alli” hunts I had a good feeling Grizzly was going to be something special and I was correct.

Grizzly has a brown medium dense coat with good furnishings.  He and his mother are 65lbs and with stamina for days.  During the hunting season, Grizzly spends no less than 4 days a week hunting upland, waterfowl from a boat or field blind.   I would consider Grizzly to be a medium ranging field dog who loves our Iowa waters no matter how cold.  He has a drive that is relentless when it comes to searching  downed game but a steadiness to hold until released.

Grizzly’s demeanor is one that does not require much pressure when training for hunting or obedience and yet he retains what he learns with little to no refreshing no matter how long it's been.  He has always wanted to please, responding well to verbal commands and hand signals.  We have always believed in keeping our dogs in the house with us, exposing them to social interactions with other dogs as well as people.  Therefore, having a good "off switch" is another trait we enjoy with both Alli and Grizzly.  I’m excited to see Grizzly’s offspring and have no doubt his bloodline will continue to produce something special.

Phone Number
(563) 370-9507
Camridge’s Duke – Offered for Stud – UT 164 III, Furnishings: FF
Owner Name
Karen Marsh
Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada
Kennel Description

Camridge’s Duke - Offered for Stud


NA 112 Prize 1, UT 164 Prize 3



Coat: Medium Dense Medium Harsh

FF Furnished - VetGen ID 45215

Phone Number
(780) 920-4848
Clover Breeze Pudelpointers – Litter Planned for 2023!
Owner Name
Adam Shreders
East Palatka, FL
Kennel Description

You can check out our Facebook page for more pictures and information.

We will be doing a repeat of our 2022 Pumpkin by Barley litter for early spring 2023.

Phone Number
(904) 405-7874
Harvesthills Pudelpointers
Owner Name
Susan Ravenhill
Calgary, AB, Canada
Kennel Description

At Harvesthills Pudelpointers, I strive to breed dogs that are of good temperament, know their job in the field and do it well.  I produce dogs that are great in the home, with kids, people and other animals (no guarantee on cats – lol).  I also like my dogs to know when its time to “work”, time to “play” and time to “relax”.  The dog spends more time in the home as a pet than a hunting dog.  Therefore, the dog must have a good temperament in the home, with kids, people, and other animals.  Temperament is also required for the “working” dog – it is key to the dog working for you and with you to put game in the bag.  I am very committed to the Pudelpointer and maintaining the breed standard for this beautiful breed.  I am always trying to do better, do more and educate others about the breed.  The breed has become very popular recently and more than ever we need to ensure the standards that make our breed so fantastic are met and maintained (if not exceeded).  I make sure NAVHDA testing is completed and meets the required standard as outlined by NAPS.  I breed to maintain a Coefficient of Inbreeding to 10% or less.  I am not a genetics expert and therefore would not attempt line breeding - I leave that to those with greater knowledge and experience than me.  I will also begin DNA testing all of my breeding females this year.  I believe the information gathered with DNA testing will be vital to the ongoing health of the breed.


Breeding plans: I am currently planning to breed Ziha in March 2023.


Dogs in my kennel: 

  • Foothills Autumn Joce (Retired) - NA 1, UT 2, Coat Ff
  • Iwan's Strumming Harper - NA 1, UT 3, Coat Ff
  • Harvesthills Keziha - NA 2 (108), UT 1, Coat FF


I believe meeting and maintaining or exceeding the standards of the breed is paramount to the future of this breed.
  • Breeding to maintain the furnishings – these are “ugly dogs” and should have furnishings.
  • Not breeding a dog prior to being able to have certified hips, and ensuring the hips are at minimum OFA Good or Excellent or a Penn Hip Distraction Index that is at or better than the mean.
  • Paying attention to the head structure of the breeding pair to minimize the issues that are starting to show up with teeth (Base Narrow, Overshot, Undershot, Butt Bite, etc.).
  • Ensuring the dog has been NAVHDA Tested to the breed standard minimum.
  • Any other health testing required (Brucellosis testing for instance).


I train and handle all my dogs in their NAVHDA tests.  I am actively involved in my Chapter.  I am a NAVHDA judge, and now with 12 years of training experience (always learning) I help and guide members of our club to get the best from their hunting dog(s).  I have guided hunts with youth, veterans and new hunters.  The dogs love to please and work for you to get game in the bag!  I get out hunting as many days as possible while working full time.  I take my vacation time in the fall so usually get 20-45 days hunting with them in all types of terrain.  Watching the dogs work birds is the pinnacle for me – seeing them work together to pin a pheasant, treeing a ruffie, all backing the first dog on a covey of Sharpies, diving for ducks.  Sometimes I am so in awe of them I forget to shoot – then get the stink eye!


When you get a pup from me: 

  • I provide a 2-year health guarantee for genetic related issues.  This is void if the dog has been spayed or neutered prior to 2 years of age.  I also void this if the client has been running the dog long distances prior to vet approval of the growth plates being closed.
  • I provide 30 days pet insurance.
  • I register all litters with NAVHDA.
  • I microchip all my puppies.
  • I register the litter and have the pedigrees sent directly to the owner.
  • I deworm every 2 weeks from 2 weeks of age and send home an Interceptor Plus dewormer with the pups when they go home.
  • They have their first vaccinations done at 8 weeks of age.
  • I will have been using a Dremel on their nails weekly from 5 weeks of age and clippers prior to that.
  • I dock the tails and dew claws I prefer not to remove.
  • I handle the pups individually (hold, challenge, etc.) at a minimum of 10 minutes, twice daily.
  • I get the pups on at least wing prior to going home.
  • Introduction to water with a puppy pool in winter months and in spring summer I get them out swimming.
  • I do noise introduction which includes gun fire, motorcycles, lawn mower noises etc.  I do cap gun intro at a minimum, weather dependent starter pistol and shot gun (from a distance).
  • The pups get socialization with children and other people and dogs daily.
  • I send home a “Now you have your puppy – what next” list of things to expect, things to do, equipment to purchase and links to resources.
  • I signed up with the Good Dog program, and was accepted, however because they are not in Canada, I can not registered – I do try to follow their guidelines.
  • Every pup gets a “Go Home” Bath (and have had baths prior to this as well), and I make collars so each owner get a new collar with a brass name plate for their pup.
  • I also give my owners Harvesthills Swag – jacket, hat, bag, tougue, t-shirt – I get different stuff all the time.  All get the hat for sure!
  • I am a registered breeder with Purina so my pups get a Purina swag bag as well.
I also have a puppy program that includes (but is not limited to):
  • early neurological stimulation,
  • scent stimulation,
  • puppy enhancement program including problem solving activities.



Phone Number
(587) 834-5053
Joyful Oaks Pudelpointers
Owner Name
Brad Scott
Ramona, CA
Kennel Description

Current Litter Info

Puppies were born on 12/30/2021

Go home date is 2/26/2022

Dam: Camridge’s Nothing’s impossible aka “Ellie”

NAVHDA PP-004813 NA 112 I and UT 161 III

Pennhip LT= 0.26 and RT = 0.41 at 36 Mo.

Sire: VC Boones Farm Junior aka “J-Bird”

NA 112 I, UT 204 I, IT 189 Pass

OFA PP-499G46M-VPI = Good


Phone Number
(858) 231-3778
Iowa 2018 with the whole crew
Owner Name
Mike & Alycia Baird
Chesapeake, VA
Kennel Description

We bought our first Pudelpointer, Callie, in 2010.  Thanks to that fuzzy, energetic, and always happy pup we have embraced the breed and thoroughly enjoy sharing the joys of the Pudelpointer with other families.  We have been breeding Pudelpointers since 2013 and are currently located in Virginia.  In our 19 years of breeding experience we have developed our line to preserve the characteristics and quality of this breed that we love so much.  Our foremost goal is to provide dogs who are outstanding in the field and at home for hunters and their families.  We work to pair dogs that will produce healthy, amenable, and cooperative pups that will have phenomenal performance in the field while also being calm and gentle in the house.


Stella (Ripsnorter's Double Dog Dare) just had her first litter with Marshland's Pirate Phil.  We will also be breeding Evony to Ripsnorter's Slate for her final litter before retirement.  Please check out our website for further details on these two litters.


Our current breeding dogs are as follows:

Juniper Creek's Evony Pine aka "Evony" 

Natural Ability 112 Prize 1; Utility 134 Prize 3

PennHip: Right .42; Left .38

Furnishings DNA: FF

Sire: Ace Vom Maple Run (UT 169 Prize 3); Dam: Foothills True Believer (NA 112 Prize 1)

In Evony's first litter with Fin Renard Carbon Felix 3 of 7 pups tested in NAVHDA Natural Ability and all earned Prize 1 scores!  The average score of all 9 of her pups who have been tested in Natural Ability is 105.1 with 5 Prize 1 scores, 2 Prize 2 scores, and 2 Prize 3 scores.  All of Evony's pups tested in Natural Ability           have Prized!

We currently have a few pups available from Evony's final litter.  The sire is Ripsnorter's Slate.  Puppy pickup date is May 20th. 


Lone Pine's Commanding Presence aka "Cadi" 

 Natural Ability 110 Prize 1

PennHip: Right .25; Left .21

Furnishings DNA: FF

Sire: Cedarwoods Feisty Hector (NA 112 Prize 1; UT 204 Prize 1); Dam: Cedarwoods Zayda Volante (NA 112 Prize 1)

In Cadi's first litter with Stone Pine's Bodo 2 of 8 pups tested in NAVHDA Natural Ability,  One pup earned a 112 Prize one and one pup earned a 92 Prize 2.

Cadi has only had one litter so far and her pups consistently have a very high level of drive and an excellent nose.  Despite the high drive, their family's report a great temperament and willingness to please.  We are looking forward to seeing them develop and will likely do a repeat breeding in the future and keep a pup for our own kennel.

Our current plan is to breed Cadi to Fin Renard Carbon Felix a Utility Prize 1 male with a wonderful temperament and outstanding performance record, when she comes into season this fall.


Ripsnorter's Double Dog Dare 

 Natural Ability 112 Prize 1

PennHip: Right .20; Left .21

Furnishings DNA: FF

Sire: Fin Renard Carbon Felix (NA 112 Prize 1; UT 204 Prize 1; UT 152 No Pass); Dam: Ripsnorter's Rewind (NA 112 Prize 1)

Stella is super fun to train and does everything with "flare".  She is always ready to learn something new and attacks everything with enthusiasm.  She has a stylish point and is doing great at learning how wild birds work.  I anticipate rock solid points and consistent retrieves to hand as Stella has proven to be one of the most naturally cooperative pups I've ever worked with.

We have one brown male pup still available from Stella's first litter, with Marshlands Pirate Phil.  Pups were whleped on 1/9/2023.


A Little About Our Kennel:

We like to have a lot of conversations and get to know people who are interested in our pups and we reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone we deem to be an inappropriate match for our pups.  It is extremely important to us that our pups go to good, loving  homes and we do our best to help our buyers select the right pup for their families and hunting activities.  So when you contact us, please tell us a little about yourself, and what you're looking for in your next hunting companion and family member.  Feel free to ask us detailed questions about our kennel, our dogs and the breed in general.  We truly enjoy the process of helping people find the right pudelpointer puppy for their family.

In addition to the NAPS breeding requirements, we train and handle all of our dogs in their NA Tests.  So far, they have all earned a Prize 1.  We also train an handle our dogs in their Utility tests.  This allows us to better assess their natural level of cooperation and their ability to handle pressure.  It also allows us to help our buyers going through the testing process if they need guidance.

We want to make sure we are contributing to the overall health of the pudelpointer breed as well as the performance.  Starting in 2022, in addition to x-ray evaluations for hip dysplasia, we will begin having our upcoming breeding females OFA certified for healthy elbows as well.  Additionally, in 2021 we ordered a full Embark DNA panel on our breeding females and will continue to do so in the future.  We will also have full Embark DNA panels on all puppies produced by our kennel in order to develop a solid DNA history of our line.

We take our stud selection process very seriously.  When seeking a stud for our girls, we usually start looking about 6 months before we expect the breeding to happen.  We spend hours looking at pedigrees, talking to their owners and talking others who have used the studs we are interested in.  We also inquire about the health information on the stud and the stud's progeny.  We look at past pairings to females with similar pedigrees to ours to see how their progeny have performed and if any health issues stand out.  We purchased our own personal copy of the Breedmate program so that we can check the breeding coefficient of each pairing we are considering.  Temperament is one of our biggest considerations when selecting a stud.  We also do not select any stud with a PennHip of more than .5 or an OFA score less than Good.


We sell our pups registered as "breed restricted" which means that if you breed your pup while the restriction is in place, you will not be able to register any pups from the litter.  In order to lift the restriction on a pup for breeding, we require that you adhere to and complete the requirements set forth by the North American Pudelpointer Society.  We require this because we feel that it is an important step in protecting our pups as well as maintaining the quality and integrity of future litters produced.  Once our buyers meet the requirements, we gladly lift the restriction free of charge.

We prefer not to ship puppies to their new homes.  Over the years, we have come to feel that it is too much of a risk and we would prefer our buyers to pick their puppies up in person.  In fact, the cost to fly out to pick up a pup is generally less expensive than shipping a pup these days.

Regardless of your selection of breeder we encourage everyone going through the search for a puppy to read the NAPS Puppy Buyers Guide.  It is full of great advice for anyone navigating through the process of buying a pudelpointer.

What you get when you get a pup from us

We take great pride in making our pups family dogs from an early age.  Our litters are whelped in our living room under constant supervision and live there for their first 4 to 6 weeks.  We sleep on the couch in the same room with the mom and pups through the first 3 to 4 days so we can be alerted if anything major happens.  We handle the pups a few times a day to start and we gradually increase handling them as they get older.  We play with their feet, lay them on their backs, mess with their mouths and just generally get them used to all sorts of interaction with us.  When they get to about 2 to 3 weeks old we start allowing trusted friends and family to begin interacting with them as well.

We deworm our pups every two weeks starting when they are two weeks old.  Their first solid food is around the 4 week mark, which is generally when they go outside for the first time as well.  They get their first set of vaccinations when they are as close to 8 weeks old as we can get, depending on when they are going to home with their new families.


At 5 or 6 weeks we start to introduce the wing to develop their pointing instinct and tossing small toys for them to chase and "retrieve".  We make it all fun and exciting for them.  Once we've played the wing game a few times we discontinue that and start getting out the real birds, using frozen birds at first to let them smell and chew a little and even carry around.  Then we move on to live birds that are not able to flap around too much.  We bring them into the scent cone individually to see each pups attitude toward the birds.  Many will be a little stand-offish at first but there are always those brave few who charge right in, pick up the bird and pack it around.  Once they show confidence with live birds that don't fly, we fly birds around them to enhance their natural prey drive and make it very exciting for them.  At 7 weeks we start getting them in the water  and we may even get a few swimmers before 8 weeks.  We do not pressure our pups in any way at this young age but make things fun and exciting and do what we can to develop their confidence and attachment to people.

Your pup will come to you already micro-chipped and registered with NAVHDA.  We also provide a complimentary 1 year membership to the North American Pudelpointer Society and one month of puppy insurance through Trupanion.  Additionally, we will provide you with your pups' personal Embark DNA panel results.




Phone Number
(503) 440-0717 or (781) 929-9584
Lost Creek Pudelpointers
Owner Name
Bill Cleveland
Tupelo, MS
Kennel Description

We are a small, family kennel with our 3rd litter from Scout and Cash on the ground.  Both of the first 2 litters by these parents earned an NA Breeders Award.

We've got 8 beautiful pups - 3 female and 5 male, all liver color.

The best way to contact us is by phone.


Sire: I-80's Deuces Wild (Cash)

NAVHDA PP-003652 NA 112 I and UT 193 I

Dam: Czechmate's June Bug Brown (Scout)

NAVHDA PP-005109 NA 112 I

Phone Number
(662) 322-4916
Mountain Creek Gun Dog Kennel
Owner Name
Shawn Jordan
Fairmount, GA
Kennel Description

Mountain Creek Gun Dog Kennel was established in 2020 on the idea to breed excellent hunting dogs as well as the great family dogs.  We currently have 2 Pudelpointers that we hunt dove, ducks, quail, pheasant and chukar with.  We occasionally throw in a deer track too.

We will be having our first litter this year, breeding our girl Ripsnorter’s Diva (PP-006618) to Tall Timbers Backwater Deacon (PP-004323).  Pups are expected in December.

Ripsnorter’s Diva earned a 112 Prize 1 on her NAVHDA Natural Ability test and we are currently training for Utility with a test goal of Fall 2023.

Our pups will go to their new homes microchipped and with a complimentary NAVDHA registration.  We will do bird introductions with our pups as well as water intro, season permitting.

Phone Number
(770) 324-7249
Nomad Kennels
Owner Name
Dan & Lynda Damon
Twin Falls, ID
Kennel Name
Kennel Description
Dam: Cedarwoods Belle Of The Ball
NA 108 P2
Phone Number
(208) 961-1300
North Santiam Pudelpointers
Owner Name
John & Diana Eells
Salem, OR
Kennel Description

We have 2 brown males available that were whelped on 12/10/22 out of North Santiam’s Iron Maiden and Stonesthrow’s November Man.

We are currently planning litters for 2023 and greatly anticipating pups out of our new German male as soon as he completes his spring UT.


Willie has a Natural Ability score of 110 Prize 1 and her PennHip scores are Right: 0.20 and Left 0.19.


Phone Number
(541) 771-9998
Oxbow Kennel
Owner Name
Calvin Harpe
Oberlin, OH
Kennel Name
Kennel Description

Calvin has owned Pudelpointers since 2005 and has been a Pudelpointer breeder since 2007.  He has tested in both the NAVDA Natural Ability and Utility tests as well as the JGHV tests, VJP and HZP.

The main goal for Calvin's breeding program is to develop a healthy, quality line of Pudelpointers that represents the best of the breed.

Calvin is an avid hunter, with experience hunting sharptails, huns, pheasant, ruffed grouse, woodcock and waterfowl as well as white tailed deer.

At Oxbow Kennel, our pups are NAVHDA registered. We pay for registration as part of their purchase price. We guarantee pups to live a normal hunting life. We try to set up our pups for success by early socialization. We also work to introduce pups to birds, gunfire and water (if weather appropriate).

Phone Number
(440) 497-8620
Oxbow’s Perfect Storm – Offered for Stud – UT 204 I
Owner Name
Stephen Follin
Lake Worth, FL
Kennel Description


NA 110 Prize 1 at 7 months; UT 204 Prize 1 at 18 months

PennHIP: Left DI = 0.27; Right DI = 0.22 at 19 months

Coat: Medium Dense, Harsh


Phone Number
(561) 676-7949
Pioneer Pudelpointers
Owner Name
Vicki Wood
Great Bend, KS
Kennel Description


Phone Number
(601) 550-0418
Ripsnorter Kennels – Pups available!!!
Owner Name
Jeffrey George
Utica, OH
Kennel Description

Websters definition of Ripsnorter is "One that is remarkable for strength, intensity, and/or excellence". Jeff George has been a proud breeder of Pudelpointers since 2007, and has even more experience with other breeds before this. While he used to raise specifically German Wirehaired Pointers under the Ripsnorter prefix, he branched out to the more versatile side of them and fell in love with his first Pudelpointer, Okra.

Jeff has tested many dogs in NAVHDA through the years in the Natural Ability, Utility, and Versatile Champion test, many receiving Prize I ranking scores. He has brought his love for hunting to his grandchildren as well, who have both tested dogs in NAVHDA, and his grandaughter, Hadley, is now helping to take over the legacy of Ripsnorter Kennel. We are members of and proud approved breeders of the North American Pudelpointer Society, as it is the most dignified and prestigious system for top quality Pudelpointers and their according breeders.

Ripsnorter Kennel currently has the following litters planned:

Due December 24 -  Ripsnorter’s Excuse My French (NA 112, UT 198 Pz 1) X Ripsnorter’s Slate (2x UT (198 & 202) Pz 1)

Due Feb 7  - Ripsnorter’s Abra Cadabra (NA 112, UT 204 Pz 1). X Ripsnorter’s Shoot and Miss   AKA Noonan (UT 204 Pz 1, IT 183)

Planned late spring - Ripsnorter’s Scuttlebutt (NA 112)  X  VC Foothill’s Benelli

Phone Number
(740) 485-0207
Sage Creek Pudelpointers
Owner Name
William Combs
Roseburg, OR
Kennel Description


Pudelpointer Companions Creating Lifelong Memories


We are currently planning to have a litter available in early 2023.  Please contact us for availability.


Sage Creek Pudelpointer's mission is to breed and own only the finest examples of the Pudelpointer breed. We are a small family operation located about 180 miles south of Portland, Oregon.  While we are small, our dogs are truly world class.

All of our dogs are treated as family and are never confined to kennel runs.  Yes, they live in our home with us!  We believe there is no better socialization than 24/7 contact with our dogs.  Room to run on our rural property ensures the dogs have plenty of exercise and stimulation.   You can expect outstanding customer service both before and after your puppy goes to your home.  We are not just here to provide you with a puppy, we are here to share in your Pudelpointer journey.


Do you wish that you had a truly versatile hunting dog? We are active members of the NAVHDA testing and training association. All of our dogs have scored maximum or near maximum scores in the NAVHDA field trial hunt tests.

Our Pudelpointers come from the best diversified genetic backgrounds. Sage Creek's breeding standards exceed any and all clubs or associations breeding standards. All of our adult dogs' hips are tested, and are HD free. We will not breed nor own any dogs with what may be considered marginal hips. All of our dogs are fantastic hunting dogs as well as our children’s pets. Our dogs have the best International genetics possible. Our adult dogs are trained and tested in duck hunting/retrieving, upland bird hunting, being steady on point, shoot, flush and fall. Our adult dogs are trained and tested for tracking and can used for tracking big game. We actively hunt ducks, geese, quail, grouse, and pheasant every year with all of our dogs.


We believe that we have some of the finest hunting/companion dogs available at any price, and anywhere.  We are proud of our operation, our adult dogs, and our pups. We have great facilities and well socialized pups with great pedigrees. Our pups have become accomplished companions, hunters, professionals, and much more. Pudelpointers are amazing dogs and we have some of the best. Take a look at our website or request more pictures.


Our puppies come with a one year health guarantee and are raised in a comfortable, social environment. We go above and beyond with proper nutritional and medical treatment. We have plenty of space and opportunity to exercise and run. Puppies are introduced to water and birds before leaving for their new homes.


Starting with Pudelpointer adults from the best diversified genetic backgrounds, all of our puppies have the potential to become fantastic hunting dogs as well as children’s pets.

Phone Number
(541) 315-5634
Southridge Pudelpointers and available Stud – Treiben’s Baylor of Bader Boys, UT 3, HRC SHR
Owner Name
Justin Bader
Fort Collins, CO
Kennel Description

Baylor (PP-006629) - NA 108 Prize I, UT 164 Prize III, HRC SHR

Bear (PP-007457) - NA 112 Prize I, HRC, SHR


We are not a kennel, we run our dogs in NAVHDA and HRC.  Our dogs are active every day, in season and out of season. We are currently working toward Seasoned titles in HRC.


Baylor's sire is Pine Ridge's Ace of Spades, and his dam, Dreamworks Fuzzy, comes from a long line of Utility prized dogs.


Bear is from Ripsnorter Kennel, and also comes from a long line of Utility prized dogs.


Our next planned litter is May 2023.

Phone Number
(303) 619-1780
Stonesthrow Pudelpointers
Owner Name
Larry Stone
Bend, OR
Kennel Description
Phone Number
(541) 280-5602
Pine Ridge's Cree
Owner Name
Mark Jarvis
Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Kennel Description

Please contact Mark at Swan City Pudelpointers for more info



Swan City Pudelpointers is expecting a litter between Pine Ridges Cree (Dam) x Camridge's Duke (Sire), due on April 16,2023.


Camridges Duke


NA 112 Prize 1

UT 164 Prize 3

OFA Hips Excellent

DNA NAV- GS485940

Coat: Medium Dense Medium Harsh

FF Furnished does not carry smooth gene

2 NA Sir Breeders Award


Pine Ridges Cree


NA 110 Prize 1

UPT 154 prize 3

OFA Hips Fair

DNA NAV- GS511490

Coat Medium dense medium harsh

FF furnishing, does not carry smooth gene

Phone Number
(780) 518-6304
Tall Timbers Backwater Deacon – Offered for Stud – UT 182 III
Owner Name
Adam Mayo
Cullman, AL
Kennel Description

Offered for Stud


UT 182/204

Only the second PP to achieve the UKC HUNTING RETRIEVER CHAMPION title



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(256) 590-2706
True North Kennels
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Katie & Chuck King
Grand Rapids, MI
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True North Kennels is located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is NAVHDA registered. In addition to our Pudelpointers, we are actively engaged in raising service dogs, raising 10 puppies and whelping 30 future service dogs.

A Bit of Background:

Chuck grew up with hunting dogs his whole life.  He had beagles and shorthairs and he and his family hunted quite a bit.  I grew up with house dogs, German Shepherds, Irish terriers, etc. My family did not hunt.  After we got married, we got a German Shorthair Pointer.  Chuck hunted with her and our son.  When we lost her we got another GSP.  We then learned about PPs and after hunting behind one.  After hunting with a PP, Chuck really like the breed.  After further research we decided that this was the dog for our family and the type of hunting that Chuck participated in.  As for breeding, we had whelped 5 litters of puppies for a service dog organization, and we realized that we love having the pups around.  We have a great set up in our house and yard for puppies, and the knowledge and time.

The foundation of True North Kennels is Juniper Creeks Efia. Fia was whelped on September 1, 2016. She is brown with a medium dense, medium harsh coat. Her hips and eyes have been evaluated by OFA and deemed good. In August 2017, Fia tested NAVHDA’s Natural Ability test and scored 112, prize I.  Fia had nine pups in our A litter were whelped in March 2019. Sired by Ripsnorter’s Gustav Olaf Bojangles (NA 112, UT189 II), the litter has been exceptional!  Several of our puppies have done very well in their NA testing.  One of Fia's puppies has not only done very will in hunting but also in Scent Testing and agility.

We are hoping to be able to better the breed with each breeding and we are particular with the studs that we use. We use our knowledge in breeding and raising service dogs in our program. Our puppies are raised right in our home so they are in the house from day one.  They learn about family noises like vacuum cleaners, the coming and going of people, they get bopped by our cat (who rules the house!)  We also do early scent training by giving them something to smell everyday. (Cinnamon, bird wing, etc.) Our pups are well socialized with different people and kids. They come with first vaccines done, as well as microchipped. We expose our pups to water and wing, walks in the woods, other dogs, lots of kids, and opportunities for independence and to gain courage. We use ENS early and loosely follow a program called Puppy Culture that breaks down the puppies week by week as to what they are capable of, working through fear periods etc.

Our theory is that the hunting should be bred into our dogs. What we aim for is solid, steady puppies that will be all business in the field but able to settle and be good companions in the home.  We want the versatility of the breed to continue, but also maintain the "off switch" that PPs are supposed to have.  As much as we all wish, most people can't hunt 365 days a year. Work, family, kids, parents all take up time these days.  We feel it is so important not to breed the "excellent companion" part of the breed out.


We are currently contemplating a final litter with Fia this Spring.


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(616) 560-3330
Windy Sage High Roller – Offered for Stud – UT 204 I
Owner Name
Sarah Bullock
Shafter, CA
Kennel Description

To Approved Females

DOB: 05/2018

NAVHDA#: PP-005141

NA: 112 P1

UT: 204 P1


OFA Hips: Excellent  (PP-650E36M-NOPI)

OFA Elbows: Normal (PP-EL91M36-NOPI)


Weight: 75#

Height: 26”

Coat: Medium Harsh / Medium Dense

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