Code of Ethics/Standards of Conduct


  1. The Code of Ethics/Standards of Conduct are necessary to protect NAPS security, our members’ safety, our dogs and the reputation of hunters and dog owners in general.
  2. Personal Conduct 
    1. All NAPS members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which brings respect to the Society and to the Pudelpointer in general by displaying good sportsmanship, civility, integrity and responsibility for their dogs and themselves always
    2. NAPS maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards intimidation or harassment of/by any club member, guest, visitor, handler or judge. Unsportsmanlike conduct or abusive behavior is subject to review in accordance with NAPS Constitution
    3. All NAPS owned equipment and/or property must be treated with care and respect
  1. Treatment of Dogs
    1. All members must consider the health and welfare of dogs under their care of utmost importance. This includes providing adequate food, water, shelter and medical care
    2. Abuse of any dog by any owner, handler, trainer or visitor will not be tolerated under any circumstance