In keeping with our mission to improve and protect the Pudelpointer, The North American Pudelpointer Society is proud to announce a new breed club partnership with Embark, the world’s leading canine genetics company! Embark for Breeder DNA tests are >99% accurate on mutation tests and are the only genetic COI% test available for breeders. NAPS has chosen to work with Embark because of our shared values of responsible breeding and commitment to canine health.

Embark offers a comprehensive product for breeders that includes all the relevant genetic information you need to better manage breeding programs: genetic health risks, physical traits, genetic COI, and breed ancestry.

This partnership is not for breeders only, but for the benefit of all our members. We encourage everyone to consider getting their dog(s) DNA tested by Embark. Every test will go into helping Embark build a DNA database for the Pudelpointer and contribute to future health research for our breed. Currently, there are fewer than 100 Pudelpointers in the DNA database and only one breed specific genetic condition, Degenerative Myelopathy, but research can be conducted on populations starting at 250 dogs. We will also be able to provide our members with reports on the genetic health of the breed as we gain more data.

As part of this partnership, the club will earn a 10% commission on the sale of all breeder kits purchased through this affiliate link. In addition, Embark will offer our members up to $35 off the Embark for Breeders DNA kit using the club’s affiliate link and promo code NAPS2023. Commissions earned by the club can help fund important initiatives, a win-win for the club, our members, and our beloved breed. Your first Embark DNA kit is just $99 with code TRYEMBARK99

This partnership also provides our club with expert educational content, access to Embark experts such as veterinary geneticists, the opportunity to offer input on future research, and event support.

Embark for Breeders DNA kits offer breed-specific health conditions affecting the Pudelpointer, as well as results for 215+ genetic health conditions, 35 physical traits, and genetic COI% all with one swab. For more information visit:

If you have questions about Embark’s DNA testing, please reach out to Embark for Breeders at  If you have questions for NAPS about this new opportunity or would like to see an example of a full DNA test result, please contact us at

Program Benefits

Opportunities to aid in the development of Pudelpointer specific research studies so that Embark can develop breed-relevant genetic testing.  Our partnership with Embark allows us to give input about what genetic health risks we would most like to focus on for research.

Reports on breed-relevant conditions as they are developed. 

Access to surveys that will allow you to provide information on your dogs for such things as cancer, heart health, hip and elbow dysplasia, and behavior, which will help Embark determine with their research studies for the Pudelpointer breed.

Embark has a great collection of educational articles so that you can learn more about genetics and genetic testing.

Embark does not share your personal information unless you provide specific permissions.  Once you have your my.embarkvet account, you can choose to share your test results with others. Breeders can benefit by sharing results with each other for use in the Pair Predictor tool to determine potential DNA inheritance for litters. There are also privacy settings so that you can choose what you share.

Embark DNA testing can provide you with a more accurate Coefficient of Inbreeding for your dog.  Pedigree based COI calculations are a useful tool but a genetic COI is more accurate.  Here is a short video on the genetic COI and how it differs from pedigree based COI:

Embark tools available to breeders to help them make valuable breeding decisions to maintain the health of the breed.

By using the NAPS Promo Code: NAPS2023, you will receive up to $35 off.  To get your first DAN kit for just $99, use code TRYEMBARK99.

Right now, NAPS plans to use the 10% commission we earn with each sale to provide more events and training opportunities to our members around North America as well as other programs that we are developing for the benefit of the membership and, of course, the breed.

NAPS will receive event support and even potentially some DNA tests and other Embark swag to raffle at our events.  Occasionally we may even be able to have an Embark representative attend our events in person to answer questions and chat with members.