The Pudelpointer community in North America is relatively small and the demand has been on the rise for a number of years. Fortunately the number of breeders has also grown. This guide should assist you in making the right decision when selecting a breeder.


Many people will begin looking in their local area for convenience.  However, we recommend that you don’t limit your search geographically.  Considering your options in a broader area will increase your chances of locating a quality breeder and getting a quality hunting partner.  Some breeders will ship you a puppy while others will ask you to drive or fly to pick up your pup.  Flying with a pup, as a carry on is an option on many airlines.  One bonus of this option is that it allows you to meet your breeder, and possibly the dam of your pup.  In some cases this option may actually be less expensive than shipping.


We recommend communicating with several breeders in your search for a pup.  You will learn more, you can keep your options open, and develop quality relationships for the future.  Also, continued communication will keep you on their radar as a serious buyer.  Many breeders get several calls, emails, texts etc. each week and it can be difficult of them to remember who’s who.  The best way to stay in the loop is to stay in contact.


There are many Pudelpointer breeders to work with in North America.  However, we will caution that not all breeders are equal in their breeding standards, standard of care, business practices and customer support.  The breeding requirements adopted by NAPS are what we feel is a minimum standard that good breeders should follow if their intent is to produce healthy pups which meet the breed standard and can be reasonably ensured to perform well in the field while also being a wonderful family dog.  While there are many excellent Pudelpointer breeders who meet or exceed the NAPS breeding requirements, there are also an increasing number of breeders who do not breed to any standard and may not be producing healthy, well performing pups.  Therefore, we advise keeping the following things in mind when interviewing potential breeders.


  • How much is the cost for a puppy and is the price in line with other breeders?
  • Is a deposit required? Many breeders only require a deposit after puppies are born and thriving. If a deposit is required prior to breeding or whelping, make sure you are aware of, and comfortable with, the refund policy of the breeder!
  • Research the pedigrees of both parents. Your breeder should willingly provide the names and registration numbers so that you can go to and look them up.  There, you will find information on their lineage, test scores, and other progeny.  Get to know the lines and don’t be shy about contacting other breeders in those pedigrees or those who have related pups.  Learn as much as you can about the parents of your pup!
  • If one or both of the parents are not registered with NAVHDA, make sure they are registered with a reputable and widely accepted registry, such as the American Field Dog Stud Book or VPP and that you are able to acquire pedigree information on both parents. Make sure your pups will be able to be registered with at least one of the registries in North America.  Often, if both parents are not registered, the pups cannot be registered.
  • Review the breed standard and the disqualifications and make sure you understand what the standard characteristics of a Pudelpointer are in both appearance and temperament.
  • Have both of the parents had their hips x-rayed and are they certified free of hip dysplasia?
  • Some breeders sell their puppies “breed restricted” which means that if you breed your pup while the restriction is in place, you will not be able to register any pups from the litter, which generally makes them more difficult to sell. Once the dog meets their criteria the breeder should lift the restriction and allow you to breed the dog.  If your breeder sells breed restricted pups, find out what their criteria is for lifting the restriction and how much they charge.  NAVHDA charges $25 to process a request.
  • Does your breeder require you to sign a contract? Many breeders request signed contracts when selling pups.  Ask to see a copy of the contract in advance of committing to a purchase and discuss the contract with your breeder if you have any questions about the contents.
  • Are either of the parents NAVHDA or equivalent tested? The NAVHDA testing requirements followed by many breeders provides an objective evaluation of the parents’ hunting and obedience qualities.  While this is not important to some, it is a good discussion to have with your breeder.
  • If you are looking for a true hunting partner, you should ask if either or both parents have been hunted on wild birds and/or game. Discuss with the breeder what wild bird/game hunting the parents have been exposed to and how they did.  Ask what their strengths and weaknesses are in the field. The talents of the parents may be passed down to their pups.
  • Ask to meet the parents and if convenient see them hunt in order to evaluate their performance.
  • Does the breeder provide any health guarantees with the pup? Sadly things do happen.  Make sure you are aware of your breeders’ policy in the event that any genetic defects might arise.
  • If you’ve never seen a Pudelpointer in person, you may want to visit your local NAVHDA chapter on a training or test day as there is a good chance you will meet some Pudelpointers and their owners. You can ask questions, see the dogs work, and also get a feel for NAVHDA as you will likely want to join for help in training your new pup when he or she arrives.


There are many references on the internet as to what makes a good breeder.  Some are good and some are not so good.  This reference is straight out of the May 2018 Puppy Issue of the Versatile Hunting Dog, NAVHDA’s monthly magazine, and is a good starting point:  page 27 “All breeders are not created equal.”


We sincerely hope these tips help you in your search for your pudelpointer hunting and family companion.  We all remember our first search and we want you to have the best tools available to you as you embark on this wonderful journey.


Best of Luck