The North American Pudelpointer Society was formed in 2019 so that every owner who is a member will have a say in determining how the North American Pudelpointer evolves from here. If you, as a member, want to see the breed progress to a particular skill, then you have a voice in the process. We want to represent the North American pudelpointer into a future that maintains and builds on the fantastic drive and versatility that we have all come to love in our dogs.


Reasons To Join

  • Number 1 Reason to join!  You get to take an active role in shaping the future of the Pudelpointer!  You have a voice!  Members get to vote on change!  You get to be part of a movement!
  • Help With Buying a Pup!  You will have access to vetted breeders who meet the requirements & standards that NAPS has set forth.  You will also have access to our Puppy Buyers Guide which has some excellent tips to use when you are interviewing potential breeders that you might get a pup from.
  • Networking & Community!   NAPS will provide a way for you to find other Pudelpointer families in your area and reach out to meet, train, or hunt together.
  • Statistics!  You will have access to statistical information about pudelpointer health, performance and lineage as NAPS continues to develop their research programs.  You will also have opportunities to participate in, and receive the results of, genetics & health studies specific to the pudelpointer.
  • Training Assistance! NAPS is working to build a robust training resource center with all of the tools for your training tool box.  We are also working to coordinate live training clinics, pudelpointer specific evaluation events and regional support for our members.
  • Information!  You will be kept up to date on the latest happenings within the Pudelpointer world in our quarterly newsletter.
  • Pudelpointer Swag (Finally)!  You will be able to shop in our online store with a selection of clothing and other swag dedicated solely to your favorite breed.
  • Education! You will get priority information and education from organizations, like Good Dog, that NAPS partners with.