Iowa 2018 with the whole crew
Owner Name
Mike & Alycia Baird
Chesapeake, VA
Kennel Description

We bought our first Pudelpointer, Callie, in 2010.  Thanks to that fuzzy, energetic, and always happy pup we have embraced the breed and thoroughly enjoy sharing the joys of the Pudelpointer with other families.  We have been breeding Pudelpointers since 2013 and are currently located in Virginia.  In our 19 years of breeding experience we have developed our line to preserve the characteristics and quality of this breed that we love so much.  Our foremost goal is to provide dogs who are outstanding in the field and at home for hunters and their families.  We work to pair dogs that will produce healthy, amenable, and cooperative pups that will have phenomenal performance in the field while also being calm and gentle in the house.


Stella (Ripsnorter's Double Dog Dare) just had her first litter with Marshland's Pirate Phil.  We will also be breeding Evony to Ripsnorter's Slate for her final litter before retirement.  Please check out our website for further details on these two litters.


Our current breeding dogs are as follows:

Juniper Creek's Evony Pine aka "Evony" 

Natural Ability 112 Prize 1; Utility 134 Prize 3

PennHip: Right .42; Left .38

Furnishings DNA: FF

Sire: Ace Vom Maple Run (UT 169 Prize 3); Dam: Foothills True Believer (NA 112 Prize 1)

In Evony's first litter with Fin Renard Carbon Felix 3 of 7 pups tested in NAVHDA Natural Ability and all earned Prize 1 scores!  The average score of all 9 of her pups who have been tested in Natural Ability is 105.1 with 5 Prize 1 scores, 2 Prize 2 scores, and 2 Prize 3 scores.  All of Evony's pups tested in Natural Ability           have Prized!

We will be breeding Evony to Ripsnorter's Slate for her final litter in January 2023.


Lone Pine's Commanding Presence aka "Cadi" 

 Natural Ability 110 Prize 1

PennHip: Right .25; Left .21

Furnishings DNA: FF

Sire: Cedarwoods Feisty Hector (NA 112 Prize 1; UT 204 Prize 1); Dam: Cedarwoods Zayda Volante (NA 112 Prize 1)

In Cadi's first litter with Stone Pine's Bodo 2 of 8 pups tested in NAVHDA Natural Ability,  One pup earned a 112 Prize one and one pup earned a 92 Prize 2.

Cadi has only had one litter so far and her pups consistently have a very high level of drive and an excellent nose.  Despite the high drive, their family's report a great temperament and willingness to please.  We are looking forward to seeing them develop and will likely do a repeat breeding in the future and keep a pup for our own kennel.

Our current plan is to breed Cadi to Fin Renard Carbon Felix a Utility Prize 1 male with a wonderful temperament and outstanding performance record, when she comes into season this fall.


Ripsnorter's Double Dog Dare 

 Natural Ability 112 Prize 1

PennHip: Right .20; Left .21

Furnishings DNA: FF

Sire: Fin Renard Carbon Felix (NA 112 Prize 1; UT 204 Prize 1; UT 152 No Pass); Dam: Ripsnorter's Rewind (NA 112 Prize 1)

Stella is super fun to train and does everything with "flare".  She is always ready to learn something new and attacks everything with enthusiasm.  She has a stylish point and is doing great at learning how wild birds work.  I anticipate rock solid points and consistent retrieves to hand as Stella has proven to be one of the most naturally cooperative pups I've ever worked with.

Stella just whelped her first litter with Marshlands Pirate Phil in January 2023.


A Little About Our Kennel:

We like to have a lot of conversations and get to know people who are interested in our pups and we reserve the right to refuse sale to anyone we deem to be an inappropriate match for our pups.  It is extremely important to us that our pups go to good, loving  homes and we do our best to help our buyers select the right pup for their families and hunting activities.  So when you contact us, please tell us a little about yourself, and what you're looking for in your next hunting companion and family member.  Feel free to ask us detailed questions about our kennel, our dogs and the breed in general.  We truly enjoy the process of helping people find the right pudelpointer puppy for their family.

In addition to the NAPS breeding requirements, we train and handle all of our dogs in their NA Tests.  So far, they have all earned a Prize 1.  We also train an handle our dogs in their Utility tests.  This allows us to better assess their natural level of cooperation and their ability to handle pressure.  It also allows us to help our buyers going through the testing process if they need guidance.

We want to make sure we are contributing to the overall health of the pudelpointer breed as well as the performance.  Starting in 2022, in addition to x-ray evaluations for hip dysplasia, we will begin having our upcoming breeding females OFA certified for healthy elbows as well.  Additionally, in 2021 we ordered a full Embark DNA panel on our breeding females and will continue to do so in the future.  We will also have full Embark DNA panels on all puppies produced by our kennel in order to develop a solid DNA history of our line.

We take our stud selection process very seriously.  When seeking a stud for our girls, we usually start looking about 6 months before we expect the breeding to happen.  We spend hours looking at pedigrees, talking to their owners and talking others who have used the studs we are interested in.  We also inquire about the health information on the stud and the stud's progeny.  We look at past pairings to females with similar pedigrees to ours to see how their progeny have performed and if any health issues stand out.  We purchased our own personal copy of the Breedmate program so that we can check the breeding coefficient of each pairing we are considering.  Temperament is one of our biggest considerations when selecting a stud.  We also do not select any stud with a PennHip of more than .5 or an OFA score less than Good.


We sell our pups registered as "breed restricted" which means that if you breed your pup while the restriction is in place, you will not be able to register any pups from the litter.  In order to lift the restriction on a pup for breeding, we require that you adhere to and complete the requirements set forth by the North American Pudelpointer Society.  We require this because we feel that it is an important step in protecting our pups as well as maintaining the quality and integrity of future litters produced.  Once our buyers meet the requirements, we gladly lift the restriction free of charge.

We prefer not to ship puppies to their new homes.  Over the years, we have come to feel that it is too much of a risk and we would prefer our buyers to pick their puppies up in person.  In fact, the cost to fly out to pick up a pup is generally less expensive than shipping a pup these days.

Regardless of your selection of breeder we encourage everyone going through the search for a puppy to read the NAPS Puppy Buyers Guide.  It is full of great advice for anyone navigating through the process of buying a pudelpointer.

What you get when you get a pup from us

We take great pride in making our pups family dogs from an early age.  Our litters are whelped in our living room under constant supervision and live there for their first 4 to 6 weeks.  We sleep on the couch in the same room with the mom and pups through the first 3 to 4 days so we can be alerted if anything major happens.  We handle the pups a few times a day to start and we gradually increase handling them as they get older.  We play with their feet, lay them on their backs, mess with their mouths and just generally get them used to all sorts of interaction with us.  When they get to about 2 to 3 weeks old we start allowing trusted friends and family to begin interacting with them as well.

We deworm our pups every two weeks starting when they are two weeks old.  Their first solid food is around the 4 week mark, which is generally when they go outside for the first time as well.  They get their first set of vaccinations when they are as close to 8 weeks old as we can get, depending on when they are going to home with their new families.


At 5 or 6 weeks we start to introduce the wing to develop their pointing instinct and tossing small toys for them to chase and "retrieve".  We make it all fun and exciting for them.  Once we've played the wing game a few times we discontinue that and start getting out the real birds, using frozen birds at first to let them smell and chew a little and even carry around.  Then we move on to live birds that are not able to flap around too much.  We bring them into the scent cone individually to see each pups attitude toward the birds.  Many will be a little stand-offish at first but there are always those brave few who charge right in, pick up the bird and pack it around.  Once they show confidence with live birds that don't fly, we fly birds around them to enhance their natural prey drive and make it very exciting for them.  At 7 weeks we start getting them in the water  and we may even get a few swimmers before 8 weeks.  We do not pressure our pups in any way at this young age but make things fun and exciting and do what we can to develop their confidence and attachment to people.

Your pup will come to you already micro-chipped and registered with NAVHDA.  We also provide a complimentary 1 year membership to the North American Pudelpointer Society and one month of puppy insurance through Trupanion.  Additionally, we will provide you with your pups' personal Embark DNA panel results.




Phone Number
(503) 440-0717 or (781) 929-9584
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