Remembrance of Pat Saunders

by Alycia Baird

As many of you know, our good friend, pudelpointer enthusiast, NAVHDA judge, and past president of NAPS passed away on April 9, 2021.  A native Floridian, Pat had a busy and varied life.  He earned an MBA, owned and operated an amusement vending machine business, several bars and restaurants, and a fencing installation company.  Retirement in 2004 didn’t slow him down.  He became the Florida State Chairman of Ducks Unlimited in 2004 and also earned his Captain’s license and went to work for the US Army Corps of Engineers on a project out of New Orleans until 2014.


EVENT: Pudelpointer Trial in April

We are very excited to announce our very first sponsorship of a Pudelpointer event! Calvin Harpe and Jeff George have been instrumental in the planning of a 1 day pudelpointer timed trial. Details are below. You can find more details and register for this event at


A Rehoming Success Story

Moshi’s Journey – By: Calvin Harpe

It is a dreary and somber morning in northeast Ohio in early June. There is no sun to be seen at today’s sunrise. Perhaps that is fitting for the emotional roller coaster I’m riding.

Not many talk about the emotional toll and investment there is to being a quality dog breeder. The financial aspect is often talked about, as many non-breeders like to tell me how much money I must be making. They never seem to compute all the money I spend. However, the emotional investment of being a quality dog breeder far exceeds the financial investment. There are emotional highs and lows from many directions. Some deal with the dogs directly. Some deal with the politics within your chosen breed. Some deal with the relationships between the people. As two long term breeders told me when I began Oxbow Kennel in 2005, “you must have thick skin if you want to be a dog breeder”. One of those breeders has always been a very good friend and was genuinely looking out for my sometimes fragile being. The other was a person that portrayed friendship only to drive the daggers into my back at every opportunity that arose.


1st Annual General Meeting

On the sunny eastern shore of Florida lies a 1350-acre hunting preserve known as Quail Hunting Florida or QHF. This would be the site of the first NAPS annual meeting. QHF was a tremendous host and location for this Pudelpointer enthusiasts’ event. It was February 22, 2020 and the weather was nearly perfect for the members that were able to make the journey. Sunny, with highs in the low 60’s and a light breeze. For the members who were unable to make the journey to the southeast corner of the United States, the board had set up a teleconference to maximize participation.


Letter from the President

Greetings NAPS Members!

I am excited to share our first newsletter with you all. The North American Pudelpointer Society (NAPS) is a breed club that was formed by a group of Pudelpointer breeders with the purpose of supporting the preservation and protection of the Pudelpointer in North America. A breed standard and breeding requirements were developed, outlining the traits most desirable to promote the benefits and well-being of the breed. The goal of NAPS is to define the appearance of the breed, but emphasize the working and hunting ability.