Jeff George


Except for a short stint in Spokane, WA, Jeff has lived and currently lives in central Ohio for most of his life.  After getting his Master’s degree in Biology Jeff started his career in teaching and retired from that in 2000.  Since then he has dabbled in various endeavors including learning the saddle making trade (thus Spokane).

Jeff has always had dogs in his life and they have dictated almost every part of his life. His family started keeping and breeding German Wirehaired Pointers in the early 70’s and began the Ripsnorter Kennel.  Jeff served as Vice President on the Board of the GWPCA during his time raising wirehairs.  Jeff switched to Pudelpointers about 15 years ago.  He has tested his dogs in NA, UT and the Invitational.  His granddaughter and grandson have both tested their dogs and his in NA.  He has hunted Turkey, Pheasant, Quail and Grouse in Ohio when there were some to hunt.  He has made many trips to western states and Michigan, alone and with his NAVHDA friends, his favorite state being Montana.

Jeff is currently a member of both the Buckeye and Mid-Ohio Chapters of NAVHDA and he looks forward to meeting many more Pudelpointer people and to working with all of the other officers of NAPS.

Adam Mayo

Vice President

Adam is a landscaper by profession but spends the rest of his time typically doing something in the dog world. He currently serves as the Vice President of the Chattahoochee NAVHDA chapter. Adam is also an avid waterfowler but doesn’t miss an opportunity to venture out on an upland opportunity.

He purchased his first Pudelpointer in 2016 after discovering the trainability and true versatility of the breed from working with a friend’s dog. After getting Deacon, it turned into a pursuit to have the true versatile dog. He has earned a UT prize in NAVHDA, Hunting Retriever Champion title in UKC, and is starting to run in UFTA events as well.

Karen Kucker


Karen Kucker is the owner/breeder of Rebel Point Pudelpointers. She is currently an active member of the Chattahoochee and Midwest Tri-State NAVHDA chapter and she resides in Watertown, South Dakota.

She grew up hunting and fishing with her parents and at a young age, they instilled a great passion. As she got older that passion grew and she went on numerous big game hunts such as deer, antelope, and elk; however, her passion has always been pheasant hunting which South Dakota is well known for.  Over the years, she has enjoyed pheasant hunting with her family’s Britney Spaniels, yet she knew that she wanted to find a more versatile breed.  She heard of the pudelpointer and was extremely impressed with the breed and later that year they welcomed their first pudelpointer, Hay Devil’s Imperial Red, aka Tikka, into their home in 2017.

Tikka quickly became Karen’s best friend and hunting companion as well as her training project and together they achieved an NA 110 in 2018. Since then, they co-produced their first litter with Tikka in 2019; The Hay Devil’s Legacy Litter which was the first Hay Devils breeding of two Hay Devils pups; Hay Devils Imperial Red and Hay Devils Czar Jager. As well as another litter with Tall Timbers Backwater Deacon in 2021. Her family also fosters/cares for Tikka’s mother, Hay Devil’s Best and Brightest, aka Stella since 2019.

Currently, Karen is an Accounting Administrator for Wurth Electronics Midcom Inc in Watertown and enjoys spending her “free” time hunting and fishing with her parents and close friends.  They love the pudelpointer personality as well as their obvious intelligence, and intense hunting drive.

Alycia Baird


Alycia Baird is the co-owner/breeder of Lone Pine Pudelpointers, out of Oregon. She is currently an active member of the Willamette NAVHDA chapter. Her primary profession is in accounting and she currently works for a Washington, DC tech company. She is also a semi-professional photographer and enjoys puppy portraiture.

Originally hailing from the Northern Oregon Coast, she grew up hunting and fishing with her father and brother. It wasn’t until she married her husband Mike, and he caught the hunting bug and added ducks to the game list that she got into the bird dog scene. When her husband finally got tired of fetching his own duck, they welcomed their first pudelpointer, High Lifes Jubilee, aka Callie, into their home in 2010. Callie quickly became Alycia’s training project and together they achieved an NA 112 in 2011.

They produced their first litter with Callie in 2014 and have produced 5 litters in their years of breeding. They currently own 4 pudelpointers, Ava, Zayda, Evony & Cadi, and Alycia has run dogs in 3 NA and 2 UT tests. Alycia loves the pudelpointer for their friendly demeanor, obvious intelligence, and intense hunting drive.

Chara Bruner

Director of Publications

Chara is a Practice Manager at Skyview Animal Hospital where she has worked for 23 years. She also heads up the Sports Medicine Rehabilitation Program within the clinic.

She currently resides in Southern Illinois with her husband Tom and serves as the Secretary In the Four Rivers NAVHDA chapter.

Tom and Chara have a passion for hunting and when they were trying to find the perfect dog they came across the Pudelpointer.

They purchased their first Pudelpointer in 2019 and quickly fell in love with the versatile breed. Since then, they have added two more Pudelpointers to their family. Brandi and Muddy have both earned their NA prize 1. Shock is on her way to an NA this year.

Chara has enjoyed meeting so many new people in the Pudelpointer family that share the same passion that she does for this breed.

Brayton Edlin

Director of Marketing

Brayton is a mechanical design engineer from West Tennessee. He grew up racing motocross for most of his life until he discovered the Pudelpointer breed on a hunting show. After graduating college, he decided to trade in his racing helmet for an upland vest and hasn’t looked backed. He is an avid waterfowl hunter, but his dog Ada has quickly turned him into an enthusiast of all things upland. Ada has an NA prize under her collar and is currently working towards UT.

Brayton is a founding member and the current Vice President of the Four Rivers NAVHDA chapter in Western Kentucky as well as an active member of the Mid-South NAVHDA chapter in Tennessee. Brayton is a supporter of DU, RGS, and AWS.

Matt Morgan

Director at Large

Matt Morgan lives outside the small southwest Georgia town of Americus along with his wife Robin and daughter Scarlett. Matt has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Georgia Southwestern State University and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from The University of Georgia. He is employed as a pharmacist by Phoebe Sumter Medical Center in Americus.

Matt got his first introduction into the world of Pudelpointers with his first versatile dog, Gus, in 2010. Gus helped open a whole new hunting chapter and opportunities for trips to the Dakotas, Kentucky, Alabama, Florida as well as new game pursuits in Georgia. Gus also opened the NAVDHA world to their family. He earned an NA Prize 1 with no previous experience to any NAVDHA related training, it was pure natural ability on display.

Syrus is the family’s current Pudelpointer. Syrus has furthered the hunting and NAVHDA adventures of the Morgan family. He has tested with success at the NA, UPT, and UT levels. Syrus shares the fields and marshes with Tito, Robin’s Bracco Italiano. Together they make a successful hunting pair. Remus is the family’s grumpy old Basset Hound who shares nothing.

When not hunting the family is busy improving habitat for the wildlife on their family farms. Matt and Robin are proud supporters of QF, PF, NWTF and have memberships in the MidSouth and Chattahootchee NAVDHA Chapters.

Matt is the current manager of the North American Pudelpointer Society Swag Shop and an appointed member of the current Board of Directors.