Pat Saunders


Pat Saunders is a 70 year old native Floridian born and raised in Miami when it was country! He earned his MBA in 1974. In the summer of 1977, the company he was working for transferred him to open a new office in Jacksonville, FL where he found the love of his life in 1978 and finally convinced her to marry him in 1981. He later purchased the business he had opened in Jacksonville and went on to own numerous bars, restaurants, and other businesses in his career. Retired in 2004, boating has become his new passion. He obtained his USCG Captain’s license in 2004 and worked on a USACE project out of New Orleans from 2009 to 2014 as a boat captain.

Pat received his first pudelpointer, Dandy, from Bob Farris in 1994 and joined the Florida Palmetto NAVHDA chapter. Dandy received a 112 NA score and eventually a UT Prize 3. Pat became a NAVHDA judge in 2004 and started Tideview Kennel in 2007. He often tells folks, “I joined NAVHDA for the dogs but I stayed for the people.”

Pat was one of the founding members of NAPPA and attended the 2010 inaugural meeting in Boise, Idhao. Over the years, he has owned 5 pudelpointers and he proudly produces a litter of pups every 3 to 4 years. He currently owns a male and female, Darby and Diva. He is very excited and honored to serve as the first president of the North American Pudelpointer Society.

Calvin Harpe

Vice President

Calvin has been involved in the animal world nearly his entire life. It all began with a blue budgie at age 7. That developed into his first job in high school working for Petland caring for their birds. Moving forward he has been a professional zoo keeper for the last 23 years, working at the Kansas City Zoo and more recently the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

Dogs have been a part of his family life since a young boy. His venture into versatile hunting dogs began with a GWP. He now shares his home with six Pudelpointers. Calvin has been involved with the Pudelpointer breed for about 15 years. He is a founding member of NAPPA and prior to that was a member of CAPA. He has tested in both JGHV and NAVHDA venues. He has found success with prize I dogs in both NA and UT. Known to be a pedigree hound, he self admits it is a sickness. He has served as Test Secretary for the Mid-OH Navhda chapter. Additionally he has volunteered in multiple roles at the Navhda Invitational. He has a very supportive family that helps him. His partner, Cindy, is a veterinary technician. They have two adult children and one grandchild.

Alycia Baird


Alycia Baird is the co-owner/breeder of Lone Pine Pudelpointers, out of Oregon. She is currently an active member of the Willamette NAVHDA chapter. Her primary profession is in accounting and she currently works for a Washington, DC tech company. She is also a semi-professional photographer and enjoys puppy portraiture.

Originally hailing from the Northern Oregon Coast, she grew up hunting and fishing with her father and brother. It wasn’t until she married her husband Mike, and he caught the hunting bug and added ducks to the game list that she got into the bird dog scene. When her husband finally got tired of fetching his own duck, they welcomed their first pudelpointer, High Lifes Jubilee, aka Callie, into their home in 2010. Callie quickly became Alycia’s training project and together they achieved an NA 112 in 2011.

They produced their first litter with Callie in 2014 and have produced 5 litters in their years of breeding. They currently own 4 pudelpointers, Ava, Zayda, Evony & Cadi, and Alycia has run dogs in 3 NA and 2 UT tests. Alycia loves the pudelpointer for their friendly demeanor, obvious intelligence, and intense hunting drive.

Chad Bumb

Director of Marketing

Chad specializes in building businesses. For the past 5 years, he’s helped market Lynx Companies, one of the fastest growing and award winning companies in Florida. Additionally, Chad is on the Board of Florida Palmetto NAVHDA and has been actively involved in growing the chapter to over 150 members strong. He lives in Delray Beach with his wife and two daughters. Chad is the owner of two pudelpointers, Clear Creeks Artemis and Oxbows Mythical Callisto.

Susan Ravenhill

Director of Publications

Susan Ravenhill is the owner/breeder of Harvesthills Pudelpointers, out of Alberta, Canada. She is currently the President and an active member of the Prairie Vista NAVHDA chapter. She is also an active NAVHDA Judge. Her primary profession is a Registered Nurse – working with Seniors in Home Care.

Sue was born and raised in Calgary, returning there after a short stint in Central Alberta. Sue’s first pudelpointer was a “gift” to her 11 years ago. She had never owned a dog before that time. Talk about jumping in with both feet! Look at her now! Owner, breeder and NAVHDA judge – its been a ride. That first dog was so tolerant of her training errors – they rode the crazy training life together to an NA 112 Prize 1 and a UT 200 Prize 1. Since then she has trained and run several Pudelpointers in NAVHDA with admirable success.

Every litter Sue has produced has achieved an NA Breeders Award!

She is committed to the breed and maintaining the standards of the breed she loves!

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