Oxbow Kennel
Owner Name
Calvin Harpe
Oberlin, OH
Kennel Name
Kennel Description

Calvin has owned Pudelpointers since 2005 and has been a Pudelpointer breeder since 2007.  He has tested in both the NAVDA Natural Ability and Utility tests as well as the JGHV tests, VJP and HZP.

The main goal for Calvin's breeding program is to develop a healthy, quality line of Pudelpointers that represents the best of the breed.

Calvin is an avid hunter, with experience hunting sharptails, huns, pheasant, ruffed grouse, woodcock and waterfowl as well as white tailed deer.

At Oxbow Kennel, our pups are NAVHDA registered. We pay for registration as part of their purchase price. We guarantee pups to live a normal hunting life. We try to set up our pups for success by early socialization. We also work to introduce pups to birds, gunfire and water (if weather appropriate).

Phone Number
(440) 497-8620
Ripsnorter Kennels – Pups available!!!
Owner Name
Jeffrey George
Utica, OH
Kennel Description

Websters definition of Ripsnorter is "One that is remarkable for strength, intensity, and/or excellence". Jeff George has been a proud breeder of Pudelpointers since 2007, and has even more experience with other breeds before this. While he used to raise specifically German Wirehaired Pointers under the Ripsnorter prefix, he branched out to the more versatile side of them and fell in love with his first Pudelpointer, Okra.

Jeff has tested many dogs in NAVHDA through the years in the Natural Ability, Utility, and Versatile Champion test, many receiving Prize I ranking scores. He has brought his love for hunting to his grandchildren as well, who have both tested dogs in NAVHDA, and his grandaughter, Hadley, is now helping to take over the legacy of Ripsnorter Kennel. We are members of and proud approved breeders of the North American Pudelpointer Society, as it is the most dignified and prestigious system for top quality Pudelpointers and their according breeders.

Ripsnorter Kennel currently has the following litters planned:

Due December 24 -  Ripsnorter’s Excuse My French (NA 112, UT 198 Pz 1) X Ripsnorter’s Slate (2x UT (198 & 202) Pz 1)

Due Feb 7  - Ripsnorter’s Abra Cadabra (NA 112, UT 204 Pz 1). X Ripsnorter’s Shoot and Miss   AKA Noonan (UT 204 Pz 1, IT 183)

Planned late spring - Ripsnorter’s Scuttlebutt (NA 112)  X  VC Foothill’s Benelli

Phone Number
(740) 485-0207