Harvesthills Pudelpointers
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Susan Ravenhill
Calgary, AB, Canada
Kennel Description

At Harvesthills Pudelpointers, I strive to breed dogs that are of good temperament, know their job in the field and do it well.  I produce dogs that are great in the home, with kids, people and other animals (no guarantee on cats – lol).  I also like my dogs to know when its time to “work”, time to “play” and time to “relax”.  The dog spends more time in the home as a pet than a hunting dog.  Therefore, the dog must have a good temperament in the home, with kids, people, and other animals.  Temperament is also required for the “working” dog – it is key to the dog working for you and with you to put game in the bag.  I am very committed to the Pudelpointer and maintaining the breed standard for this beautiful breed.  I am always trying to do better, do more and educate others about the breed.  The breed has become very popular recently and more than ever we need to ensure the standards that make our breed so fantastic are met and maintained (if not exceeded).  I make sure NAVHDA testing is completed and meets the required standard as outlined by NAPS.  I breed to maintain a Coefficient of Inbreeding to 10% or less.  I am not a genetics expert and therefore would not attempt line breeding - I leave that to those with greater knowledge and experience than me.  I will also begin DNA testing all of my breeding females this year.  I believe the information gathered with DNA testing will be vital to the ongoing health of the breed.


Breeding plans: I am currently planning to breed Ziha in March 2023.


Dogs in my kennel: 

  • Foothills Autumn Joce (Retired) - NA 1, UT 2, Coat Ff
  • Iwan's Strumming Harper - NA 1, UT 3, Coat Ff
  • Harvesthills Keziha - NA 2 (108), UT 1, Coat FF


I believe meeting and maintaining or exceeding the standards of the breed is paramount to the future of this breed.
  • Breeding to maintain the furnishings – these are “ugly dogs” and should have furnishings.
  • Not breeding a dog prior to being able to have certified hips, and ensuring the hips are at minimum OFA Good or Excellent or a Penn Hip Distraction Index that is at or better than the mean.
  • Paying attention to the head structure of the breeding pair to minimize the issues that are starting to show up with teeth (Base Narrow, Overshot, Undershot, Butt Bite, etc.).
  • Ensuring the dog has been NAVHDA Tested to the breed standard minimum.
  • Any other health testing required (Brucellosis testing for instance).


I train and handle all my dogs in their NAVHDA tests.  I am actively involved in my Chapter.  I am a NAVHDA judge, and now with 12 years of training experience (always learning) I help and guide members of our club to get the best from their hunting dog(s).  I have guided hunts with youth, veterans and new hunters.  The dogs love to please and work for you to get game in the bag!  I get out hunting as many days as possible while working full time.  I take my vacation time in the fall so usually get 20-45 days hunting with them in all types of terrain.  Watching the dogs work birds is the pinnacle for me – seeing them work together to pin a pheasant, treeing a ruffie, all backing the first dog on a covey of Sharpies, diving for ducks.  Sometimes I am so in awe of them I forget to shoot – then get the stink eye!


When you get a pup from me: 

  • I provide a 2-year health guarantee for genetic related issues.  This is void if the dog has been spayed or neutered prior to 2 years of age.  I also void this if the client has been running the dog long distances prior to vet approval of the growth plates being closed.
  • I provide 30 days pet insurance.
  • I register all litters with NAVHDA.
  • I microchip all my puppies.
  • I register the litter and have the pedigrees sent directly to the owner.
  • I deworm every 2 weeks from 2 weeks of age and send home an Interceptor Plus dewormer with the pups when they go home.
  • They have their first vaccinations done at 8 weeks of age.
  • I will have been using a Dremel on their nails weekly from 5 weeks of age and clippers prior to that.
  • I dock the tails and dew claws I prefer not to remove.
  • I handle the pups individually (hold, challenge, etc.) at a minimum of 10 minutes, twice daily.
  • I get the pups on at least wing prior to going home.
  • Introduction to water with a puppy pool in winter months and in spring summer I get them out swimming.
  • I do noise introduction which includes gun fire, motorcycles, lawn mower noises etc.  I do cap gun intro at a minimum, weather dependent starter pistol and shot gun (from a distance).
  • The pups get socialization with children and other people and dogs daily.
  • I send home a “Now you have your puppy – what next” list of things to expect, things to do, equipment to purchase and links to resources.
  • I signed up with the Good Dog program, and was accepted, however because they are not in Canada, I can not registered – I do try to follow their guidelines.
  • Every pup gets a “Go Home” Bath (and have had baths prior to this as well), and I make collars so each owner get a new collar with a brass name plate for their pup.
  • I also give my owners Harvesthills Swag – jacket, hat, bag, tougue, t-shirt – I get different stuff all the time.  All get the hat for sure!
  • I am a registered breeder with Purina so my pups get a Purina swag bag as well.
I also have a puppy program that includes (but is not limited to):
  • early neurological stimulation,
  • scent stimulation,
  • puppy enhancement program including problem solving activities.



Phone Number
(587) 834-5053
  • Foothills Autumn Joce
  • Iwan's Strumming Harper
  • Harveshills Keziha
  • Harvesthills Pudelpointers

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