Welcome to the North American Pudelpointer Society

The mission of the North American Pudelpointer Society is to bring together North American Pudelpointer owners to improve and protect the Pudelpointer as a superior versatile gundog while also fostering the stable temperament of a quality companion through the proactive use of performance testing, evaluation to breed standard and breeding requirement minimums.


Reasons To Join

  • Number 1 Reason to join!  You get to take an active role in shaping the future of the Pudelpointer!  You have a voice!  Members get to vote on change!  You get to be part of a movement!
  • Networking & Community!   NAPS will provide a way for you to find other Pudelpointer families in your area and reach out to meet, train, or hunt together.
  • Power in Numbers!  You get to be a part of what will quickly become the largest Pudelpointer breed club in North America and help maintain and support their superior hunting heritage.
  • Logo Stickers! You will receive a vinyl window decal sticker with the NAPS logo for you to display with pride to show your support of this wonderful breed.
  • Pudelpointer Swag (Finally)!  You will be able to shop our online store with a selection of clothing and other swag dedicated solely to your favorite breed.
  • Contests!  You will have access to periodic photo contests and other friendly competitions to show off your dog and win prizes.
  • Information!  You will be kept up to date on the latest happenings within the Pudelpointer world via our online blog and a quarterly newsletter.
  • Travel! You will be invited to join us at our annual meetings to vote on the issues most important to you and mingle with other Pudelpointer owners.
  • Advertising! Members will have the opportunity to place advertisements in NAPS publications.