NAPS is nothing without the people who help us succeed.  Your donation can help in many ways.  Current funding initiatives are listed below.  You can use the message area to tell us how you would like your donation used.  NAPS is a registered non-profit organization so your donation is tax deductible.  Our Federal EIN is 83-3410380.  We greatly appreciate your support.  Thank you!

  • Rescue and Rehoming – NAPS offers rescue and rehoming assistance to help pudelpointers in need of a new home find the right family.  Donations earmarked for this program will be used to cover medical, foster and transportation expenses for dogs during the rehoming process.
  • Furnishings DNA Study – We are excited to be partnering with Embark Veterinary, Inc. and Cornell University to do the first ever pudelpointer DNA study looking at the genetics of the coat and furnishings in pudelpointers.  Donations specified for this study will help pay for DNA tests used in the study.
  • Training Clinics – One of the goals of NAPS is to build a robust training resource program, which will help our members train their dogs in various areas from the puppy stage through advanced hunting abilities. We hope to begin offering clinics, training days and, in the future, pudelpointer specific testing to supplement the NAVHDA tests.    Donations that go towards our training program will help us bring in experts from around the country to provide quality opportunities for our members.

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