Here you can find the list of dogs to rehome.


Current Location: Lufkin, Texas

Contact No.: 999-3903

Age of dog: 11

Neutered: No

Breeder: See attached

Registered to AFSB or NAVHDA: attached papers

Dog’s registered name and number: 

Level of training: Completely trained for bird hunting

Are you seeking compensation for the dog?  If so, how much? NO

Can the dog be placed with other pets and/or children? yes

Do you have any concerns about the dog’s health? No

Has the dog been vaccinated and or microchipped? Vaccinated

Do you have any vet records for the dog? No

Tell us about the dog’s personality.  Super Personality.  Big goof ball

Indoor or outdoor dog: Either

Reason for rehoming: the owner passed away that I hunted with and I took him as the Widow was unable to care for him

What kind of food is he currently eating? So that the new owner can be properly prepared. Dry Food-Value Pack

Is he microchipped? Not that I know

How soon do you need her to be rehomed?  Is it an emergency?  No hurry just if we can find him a good home

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