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A bit about the annual meeting format:

First, we will cover the annual financials and state of the club reports.  We will have a discussion about the 2023-2024 goals for the club and then we will move into discussion about any motions and discussion topics that have been presented.  Anyone wishing to voice an opinion on any of the motions or discussion topics at the annual meeting must request speaking time when they register or they can email the Board at to request talking time.  Only current members will be provided the opportunity to voice an opinion during the meeting.  If you wish to take part in the discussion, please click the link above to join NAPS.


There will be no votes this year as both motions have been withdrawn by the original mover.  However, we believe there is still value in discussing these motions and will set aside time during the meeting to do so.


In order to keep the meeting within the time-frame allotted, we have some rules we would like to share with our members so that you understand the expectations during the meeting.

Only those who request speaking time will be guaranteed an opportunity to speak.  At this time we anticipate allowing each speaker 5 minutes per motion or discussion topic that they have requested speaking time for.  If we get a large number of individuals wishing to voice and opinion, we may need to reduce that time limit.  Each person will be unmuted for their speaking time and a timer will be set.  You will receive a 30 second and a 10 second warning.  When the timer sounds you will be muted by the meeting leader.

There will be no discussion allowed for motions or discussion topics that were not submitted prior to the deadline on December 1, 2022.  If a speaker gets off topic, they will be warned.  If they continue off topic, they will be muted.  We will post motions on this page as they are submitted.


NAPS Motions 2023

Important Note:  Both motions for the 2023 annual meeting have been withdrawn.  These motions generated some excellent discussion among our members.  However based upon that discussion Brayton, who originally submitted both motions, has decided to withdraw them both in order to further discuss them members and possibly fine-tune the wording with a bit more consideration for some of the arguments raised in discussion

However, we will have some designated discussion time at the annual meeting if anyone would like to further discuss the below motions and their possible implications to the breed.

Motions will be voted on by the membership, via online voting software, in the 5 days immediately following the annual meeting.  There will be no vote this year as both motions have been withdrawn by the mover.  Please see below for the motions submitted.


WITHDRAWN Motion M01-23: This is a proposal to amend the NAPS Breeding Requirements to add a handler requirement for all NAPS breeders. This would require all breeders to handle one of their dogs in a NAVHDA test on a 5-year cycle. Details of this requirement are as follows:

  • Must prize a minimum of one dog in a NAVHDA Natural Ability Test (NA), Utility Preparatory Test (UPT), Utility Test (UT), or Invitational (IT) every five years.
    • Testing a dog older than 16 months of age in a NAVHDA Natural Ability Test (NA), resulting in an EVAL score will not be considered.
    • The dog tested must be from the breeders’ kennel or owned by the breeder. Testing someone else’s dog for the sole purpose of meeting this requirement will not be considered.

The desired outcome of this requirement would be to benefit puppy buyers and breeders alike. Breeders should have hands on experience handling the pups that they are producing because handling dogs in a testing atmosphere will give breeders a better understanding of the type of dogs they are producing, resulting in better puppy placement with buyers.

The benefit to buyers would be that breeders will be more knowledgeable on the NAVHDA system and better able to assist puppy buyers with training and testing questions, if needed. Buyers will also benefit from better puppy placement by likely obtaining a pup better suited to their needs and abilities. For example, if a breeder is producing very high-performance dogs, buyers with no previous hunting dog experience may not be the ideal buyers. This could result in buyers becoming discouraged from training their hunting dog and possibly even returning a dog they cannot handle.

A reasonable time frame should be determined by the board of directors for all current breeders to meet this requirement. No one should be exempt nor grandfathered in to bypass this requirement. Any breeder that chooses not to meet this requirement in the time frame allowed will be removed from the breeders list with the opportunity to re-apply once the requirement has been met.

NAVHDA is growing at a rapid pace and testing a dog on a 5-year cycle will allow breeders a reasonable timeframe to test new breeding stock while staying familiar with the NAVHDA testing as it evolves.


WITHDRAWN Motion M02-23: This is a proposal to require all NAPS Breeders and Stud owners to breed restrict all puppies. Details of this requirement are as follows:

  • There shall be no exceptions for selling a puppy without a “breeding restriction” listed on the dogs’ pedigree.
    • Dogs kept by the breeder and dogs sold to other breeders must still be breed restricted.
    • Meeting NAPS current Breeding Requirements and Breed Standard are the minimum requirements needed to revoke a breeding restriction.

Ensuring that NAPS Breeders and Stud owners do not contribute to the increasing number of registered puppies out of untested and/or unqualified dogs, directly aligns with NAPS mission to improve and protect the Pudelpointer as a superior versatile gun dog.

The desired outcome would be to prevent litters out of untested and/or unqualified dogs from being registered with NAVHDA. If a buyer breeds a restricted dog, NAVHDA can prevent the individual from registering the litter or any owners with pups from that litter from individually registering their dog.

Upon passing, I propose that this motion would be effective immediately.


NAPS Discussion Topics 2023

There were no Discussion Topics submitted for 2023.



Important Note:  Given that we had only one nomination each, for President and Treasurer, there will be no vote for those positions and the nominees will take on those roles.  Effective immediately following the annual meeting, Jeff George will continue as President and Andrew Hopkins will take over for Alycia Baird as Treasurer.

The nominations as submitted are below:

Name of Nominee:  Jeff George
Position Nominated:  President
Name of Nominating Individual:  Alycia Baird
Reason Nominated:  Jeff has been a fantastic President and member of the Board over the past 2 years. He has been involved with the Pudelpointer breed for over 12 years and has greatly contributed to the breed and it’s positive reputation. Jeff has helped guide NAPS to achieve many goals during his time as President and I believe NAPS will continue to benefit from his participation and influence for another 2 years as the organization continues to grow and evolve.

Name of Nominee:  Andrew Hopkins

Position Nominated:  Treasurer
Name of Nominating Individual:  Jeff George
Reason Nominated: Andy is a long time Pudelpointer owner and hunter.  Andy is very concerned about the Pudelpointer as a breed and wants to be involved keeping the traits that have made the breed special.  Andy has been instrumental in our PP fun days here in Ohio and arranging for the facilities to hold the Annual meeting in 2022.  Andy’s occupation is Banking. He has many years of experience and is familiar with all aspects of finance.  I believe he will be an exceptional asset for NAPS.

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